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THE (irresistible) SUCCESS STORY of pasta

We have commenced pre – production of this 52 min. in length (charming) story on how pasta became first an Italian modern lifestyle brand and then a global success story.

In co – operation with ARTE and Bayerisches Fernsehen and in coproduction with SD Cinematografica, Rome.

Pasta is thus multi – diverse under just one term. It embodies regions and regions within regions. It thus reflect Italian identity, because regions come first, nationality second.

And when Italian films and stars like Sophia Loren and Fernadel and others propagated and exemplified this attitude to life in America and were then enthusiastically taken up by American stars who also travelled to Italy themselves and became fans of this popular yet complex and grounded Italianità, it was only then that Italians began to identify with their pasta and live everything that is associated with it. And so, step by step, pasta becomes a global success.

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