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Our documentary “The Asian Financial Crisis and its Aftermath”, produced for ZDF/Arte, ZDF Info and Deutsche Welle, has reached 4 million views on Deutsche Welle’s website!

Prounen means objects in space. We are a production team where producers and authors often have interchangeable roles.

The Asian Financial Crisis and its Aftermath
The Race for the Atomic Bomb

We develop the majority of these projects ourselves, from our offices in Berlin. We then share the initial concepts with producers and authors, directors and distributors all over the world: Germany, UK, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, before coming up with a detailed narrative. We are constantly learning from each other, while hoping to realise projects with a genuinely global perspective and relevance.
The miraculous World of the Gironde estuary
David Hockney
The Proteom Code
Jennifer Marmon

The films explore a wide range of subjects, drawing inspiration from science, history, contemporary events, art and culture. Over the past few years, we’ve produced a number of short documentaries featuring remarkable individuals who have played a pivotal role in shaping our current landscape, showcasing their unique contributions in online series.

In our online series, we profile individuals who are shaping the present and future with fresh contributions in fields such as architecture, design and governance, e.g. Leading Women.

Cities Reinvented / Tokyo
Die große Völkerwanderung
Dreams of the Settlers: an American Journey – Along the Shores of the Great Lakes
The History of the Angels
Landvillen der Toskana

We are tackling some of the most fundamental challenges of our time. These include transitioning to sustainable energy sources, rethinking our approach to food, tackling the complexities of megacities and urban planning, managing increasing resource scarcity, and racing to find solutions to emerging scientific threats. We also delve into the fascinating stories of the development of the microchip, proteomics and healthcare.
MAD Architects
Max Beckmann – Departure
The mistery behind Mona Lisa
New York / Global Capital of the Arts

Our focus and questions tend to be global in scope, because the challenges of our time often require global solutions. We believe strongly in the power of cross-cultural learning and collaboration to address the pressing issues of our time.

Spirito Martini
Charlotte Rampling / The Look

Our team reflects this global perspective. Above all, we are committed to mutual learning, which enables us to deliver projects in a way that is both relevant and sustainable.

Cities Reinvented / Singapore
The Five Mountains of China
Metropolis – Singapore
Tokyo notre Amour
Suivre la Dordogne – The Wild Waters of the Auvergne
Suivre la Dordogne – The Verdant Green Hills of the Bergerac
Dreams of the Settlers: An American Journey / Through Utah’s Canyons to Salt Lake City
The Gaudì Code
The Mistery behind Mona Lisa
Stalin’s James Bond – Richard Sorge – The Betrayal of a Master Spy
Bars / Pink Bar, Paris
TADAO ANDO – Church of Light
ArchLab / Trailer


  • THE (irresistible) SUCCESS STORY of pasta

    We have commenced pre – production of this 52 min. in length (charming) story on how pasta became first an Italian modern lifestyle brand and then a global success story.

    In co – operation with ARTE and Bayerisches Fernsehen and in coproduction with SD Cinematografica, Rome.

    Pasta is thus multi – diverse under just one term. It embodies regions and regions within regions. It thus reflect Italian identity, because regions come first, nationality second.

    And when Italian films and stars like Sophia Loren and Fernadel and others propagated and exemplified this attitude to life in America and were then enthusiastically taken up by American stars who also travelled to Italy themselves and became fans of this popular yet complex and grounded Italianità, it was only then that Italians began to identify with their pasta and live everything that is associated with it. And so, step by step, pasta becomes a global success.


    RHYTHM arises when chaos, fear, grief, struggle, passions are so strong experienced and felt — or this was felt  long ago, in archaic times — that they threaten(ed) the order and balance of the community.

    The willingness not to perish as a community takes the elements of chaos and threat and begins to transform them into a rhythm. Chaos becomes an initially brittle and fragile, then increasingly suggestive form, not infrequently ecstatic. The greater the threat of chaos and affect, the greater the force of the rhythm, the success of which turns chaos into positive form.

    The existential, extremely affect-related origin of the rhythms presented is what makes the series so attractive. All rhythms here have an archaic core; they always also signify the triumph of culture over nature and affect.


    A film by Ying Jiang, Claire Floquet and Michael Trabitzsch

    Urbanisation is transforming 21st century culture around the world. Nowhere is this transformation more palpable than in Asia, and nowhere in Asia more than in China.

    From the West, from Europe, it looks like the herald of the apocalypse, like a synthesis of chaos, noise, narrowness, loss of individuality. That may be so, for many people, for many years. But these urban centres are the source of growth and progress in China and around the world. They will not only help to shape the culture of the 21st century, they will significantly influence it.

    A report on some of China’s megacities. Role models for the city of the future?


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